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World Student’s Day celebrates on15 October 2022

Student life is always special and unforgettable for everyone. Fun times with friends, life lessons from teachers, faith and belief to achieve the best in life make it one of the best periods of our lives.

World Student Day is unofficially celebrated on October 15 every year to commemorate the birthday of Dr. To commemorate Awul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam (Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam), the 11th President of India. He served from 2002 to 2007.

To celebrate, some of your favorite TV celebrities talk about their college life and share some memories.

Shubhangi Atre

Student life is the best phase of life as it allows us to learn new things, form lifelong friendships and create unforgettable memories. This is the only time when we are not depressed or worried about making money. I really want to relive the happy times in my life. You are very precious to me. This school trip will stay with me forever. When I was at school, my friends and I never thought about where we were going, but rather focused on having fun and being able to spend the whole day together. Even though I have lectures all day, lunch is the best part of the day where we can talk and have fun. I also told my daughter, who is now in grade 12, to enjoy her school days to the fullest.

Yogesh Tripathi

Even though I came from an academic family and all my relatives were teachers, professors or principals, I did not enjoy studying as a student. Nonetheless, I never neglected my studies and got good grades. At that time, I was notorious and least interested in writing homework as a student. The funniest part was using elaborate excuses for my teacher why I couldn’t finish. This is fun for everyone in the class. My usual excuse is that I can’t understand all the questions, while my classmates know it’s not the main reason (laughs). Also, results day was the scariest day of my college life. I remember telling my family during one of the exams: “Kash aaj saare paper hi jal jayein” and you as a teacher can imagine what their reaction would be (laughs). When I think about my student life, I feel never about grades or exams; it’s about the times and memories I share with my friends and teachers. So I always tell my son to focus on his studies because it is a requirement in life but also to enjoy student life because those times will never come back.

Ayud Bhanushali

I really appreciate and love my school because it allows me to pursue my passion for acting. All my teachers were very supportive and made me shoot for my show “Doosri Maa” in Jaipur and also focus on my studies. All my teachers really admire me. I also really love my school friends because they are very kind and helpful. My classmates are the ones who help me with all the notes. When I go to school, especially during exams, I bring extra food for my friends so we can all enjoy it during our lunch break. I love learning to play cricket and taking part in all the extracurricular activities at school.

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