"Love doesn't die, people die." Ilonka cites a quote from Merritt Malloy on Netflix's

The Midnight Club, and that's really at the heart of Christopher Pike's ten-part

adaptation by Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong, because it's not just about trying to understand the end of life, but using poetry and prose.

It's a show that's not so much about death but about things about the end of life and what can't be taken away: memories, stories, love.

It can be a little clunky in its message, but that's forgivable considering it's a young adult show that's also mostly for a YES audience

(despite some very intense visuals and the occasional f-bomb).

Adolescents are seen as uncultured, insecure and inconsiderate.

So whenever The Midnight Club gets a little rough around the edges, I'm reminded of the whirlwind of youthful