The 64-year-old grandmother wants to know when she can see her granddaughter so she can place her most prized possessions in her coffin - including a large plastic dinosaur in a bag.

Three-year-old Pataravut was among 23 children killed in a gun and knife attack at a children's center in northeastern Thailand on Thursday.

A former police officer stormed the building, killing two-year-old children in their sleep and leaving at least 37 people dead.

Usually more than 90 children attend the center but due to bad weather and a bus breakdown on Thursday, there are only 24 of them. Only one child survived.

himself following a manhunt. Her stepson used to attend the center but not for a month.

The motive for the attack is not yet known. But police said Kamrab was released in June on drug charges.

"When I heard the news of the shooting, I immediately fainted," Duangfan said. On his cell phone are photos of Pataravut taken 

Like many daycares, this place regularly posts photo updates for parents - pictures showing happy faces, smiling writing or finishing pictures.

Another grandmother, Nipha Lowongsechaison, 46, said she lost her granddaughter and grandson in the attack.

"I was filled with pain ... [and] anger because there was nothing I could do," he said.