Luckily, any fan who might be freaking out can take a deep breath.

In fact, PG13 is classified as unplayable. However, according to

ESPN, this is simply due to an illness unrelated to Covid.

While it's unclear how many games George will have to miss

due to illness, it probably won't keep him out for too long.

Most likely, it will only be a few games before fans can see

him back on the pitch with Kawhi Leonard and John Wall.

As it stands today, the little-known LA team definitely filled

all the boxes needed for a winning team. However, there is only one problem.

The top level can only consist of Warriors, Clippers and Suns. However, the list of candidates is huge.

Grizzlies by Ja Morant, Mavericks by Luka Doncic, Nikola Jokic and his Nuggets.