The Texas Longhorns put together a smackdown for the ages on Saturday in the Dallas against the Oklahoma Sooners.

It inspired shrugs, head shakes and a touch of disarray, frankly.

Things being what they are, the reason does everyone can't stand Texas?

I genuinely don't have any idea," a dumbfounded Longhorns half back Bijan Robinson said for the current week.

Obviously, they don't come more affable than Robinson, who coexists with everyone so it's nothing unexpected that he doesn't get it.

I surmise the brand," he said. "It resembles the Cattle rustlers and the Dodgers. They're groups individuals could do without."

Try not to leave out the Yankees and perhaps the Nationalists.

"I have no clue about why," hostile tackle Christian Jones said. "Is it true or not that they are envious? Gracious, I'm not saying that."