The film opens with a young fellow named Joey, who is called into an exceptionally unpleasant room by an extremely dreadful man named Ronald Voight (Goran Višnjić).

Award me this crowd. Award me this help." Great!

The two do the break-in, however all they find is the strange riddle box from the opening, yet in an alternate shape.

Voight prompts Joey to tackle his riddle box, a kind of mind boggling, elaborate Rubik's shape

Joey is hung by satanic chains. Voight admires the sky and pronounces, "I'm a contrite of the Leviathan.

An entrance to one more aspect opens, and

Joey does, truth be told, tackle it — and he is quickly wounded by the case's secret blade.

Trevor initiates Riley for a task ransacking a neglected distribution center, where he accepts there are significant merchandise put away in a shipment.

He's pretty much legitimized when

sibling doesn't endorse — he thinks Trevor is terrible information, will cause Riley problems, and prompt her to backslide.