New charges of bigoted slurs being utilized at a BYU athletic occasion have arisen, a month after comparable cases including the Duke volleyball crew.

fight racial and social unfairness when they say they heard yells from the group.

Race, cash and double-dealing: why school sport is as yet the 'new estate'

Southern California players enter the arena before a NCAA school football match-up against San Jose State Saturday

"I felt frustrated yet not astonished. Reaction for bowing was not new for our gathering yet to hear that in person was stunning.

shows this could be essential for a greater social issue inside BYU as a foundation."

She added:  I think both the fans and training staff realized we wouldn't drop the game after the occurrence, which by and by

Five ladies' soccer players from an opposing group told the Watchman they heard the N-word being aimed at them and their partners

from the group during a game at BYU in 2021. Players had stooped for the public hymn to