The Broncos and Colts each went into Thursday night's AFC encounter battered and injured without taking offense.

And did they succeed in the most-watched "competition"? Injuries, three-and-outs and forced errors interrupted poor

competition, with Russell Wilson and Matt Ryan taking turns trying to outdo each other with negative play. 

The back and forth turned out to be so brutal that neither side could reach the finish zone for four quarters, resulting in a combined six field

goals in a 9-9 tie that forced extra time. The Colts won the coin toss, added another field goal, and took Denver fourth and 1st in the red to secure a 12-9 win.

Previously, the Broncos had taken a 6-3 first-half lead thanks to two field goals from Brandon McManus, but both teams entered the break – and then extra 

time – looking like losers. Indy's win took the team to 2-2-1, while Denver dropped to 2-3 from a losing year. But both teams still have big questions to answer to move forward.

It's not because they played the full game or anything, that's for sure. Ryan screamed and screamed on his way to the locker room after claiming

 the win no thanks to him or indeed the entire Colts foul. Looking at his own age, 37-year-old Ryan swings a collapsing bag and suffers a whip that includes

 six sacks and more punches. It's a wonder he's still standing to lead the OT green light movement.