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Real madrid vs barcelona who is better team update – 2022

Seemingly the most renowned competition in world football, heavyweight outfits from Catalunya and the Spanish capital generally convey diversion Genuine Madrid and Barcelona are currently only one trip away from their 250th serious El Clasico challenge, with little to pick between the different sides with regards to their general record.

With the two groups flaunting huge financial plans and notorieties that enticement for elite entertainers across the planet, their separate positions have been stacked with match-victors as the years progressed. Who, however, has held the high ground in a popular competition that traces all the way back to 1929? Objective investigates how several the greatest foundations in club football have fared in direct battle.


Genuine Madrid versus Barcelona: No holds barred


The Walk 2022 La Liga installation at Santiago Bernabeu was the 249th cutthroat Clasico, however Madrid and Barca have met a further multiple times in friendlies and other non-serious matches. The general straight on record of gatherings between the groups has been very close, with Genuine – who have now hit hundred years of victories – flaunting gloating freedoms in cutthroat trips while Barca get the edge when presentation games are added to the pot.

‘Other contests’ incorporates the Copa de la Liga and Supercopa de Espana. Pre-season cordial and display matches are excluded.

Away from serious activity, the example size is a lot more modest. There have been 34 presentation games highlighting the different sides as the years progressed, with Barca arising successful in 20 of those. Genuine have guaranteed just four successes, while there have been 10 draws. After Barca made Kick Guardiola their mentor in the late spring of 2008, the tide began to change in support of themselves to some degree. In La Liga, Barca won 13 of the Clasicos played after Guardiola’s arrangement, drawing four and losing six. They likewise won the 2010-11 Heroes Association semi-last, which was whenever the clubs first met in that opposition starting around 2002. The deficiency of Guardiola from the hole, and the takeoff of seven-time Ballon d’Or champ Lionel Messi on the field, have upset the Blaugrana cause, yet they remain savagely serious and keep on vieing for significant distinctions close by old enemies.

Barcelona versus Genuine Madrid: The prize cupboards


Barca’s new time of strength has seen them overwhelm their opponents regarding their separate prize cupboards, however Madrid stay well ahead in La Liga. Los Blancos have brought home 34 association titles — a Spanish record — and are eight in front of the Blaugrana. They are likewise well clear with regards to the Bosses Association, with 13 to Barca’s five.

Genuine won the UEFA Cup (presently the Europa Association) two times, while Barca are the best group in the now-old UEFA Cup Victors’ Cup with four victories. Barca won the Between Urban areas Fairs Cup – which in the end turned into the UEFA Cup – multiple times, yet that was before its hierarchical takeover by UEFA. Barca have won the Copa del Rey multiple times more than Madrid, however, and you can see their new strength in the way that they are not a long ways behind with regards to Club World Cups — a contest that just begun in 2000.

Once more, a more critical gander at later history presents a seriously complimenting picture for Barcelona.

Since the 1990-91 season, they have won La Liga multiple times to Madrid’s 10. Barca have guaranteed the European crown multiple times in a similar period, with Madrid just a little ways off on six. The two clubs got through a fruitless spell continentally during the 1970s and 1980s as English, Italian and German clubs ruled, however the distinction in the Clasico contenders’ European records can be credited to the twenty years before that. Madrid tidied up through the early long periods of the European Cup, winning it multiple times in succession somewhere in the range of 1956 and 1960 and again in 1966. They additionally overwhelmed La Liga, winning it multiple times somewhere in the range of 1950 and 1980 to Barca’s five.

Looking at Barcelona and Genuine Madrid individual distinctions

The ongoing time of football has been characterized by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi however much it has by Genuine Madrid and Barcelona as clubs, however that picture has been broken with the two players currently playing somewhere else. The sets of hotshots has combat it out year in, year out for the Ballon d’Or since Ronaldo chose to leave Manchester Joined for La Liga.

Messi outperformed Ronaldo with his six Ballons d’Or to the Portugal striker’s five when he was granted the distinction in December 2019 – prior to proceeding to guarantee that crown again in 2021 in the wake of leaving Camp Nou for Paris Holy person Germain.
Messi’s prosperity implies that Barcelona lead with 12 Ballons d’Or to Genuine Madrid’s 11. Johan Cruyff — who, with three successes, is nearest to Ronaldo and Messi, alongside Michel Platini — won it two times in a Blaugrana shirt, and Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Hristo Stoichkov and Luis Suarez (the senior) likewise got it.


After Alfredo di Stefano won two and Raymond Kopa one more in continuous years during the 1950s, Madrid persevered through something of a desolate run — something it is entertaining to ponder now given their cutting edge notoriety for marking ‘Galacticos’. Their next Ballon d’Or didn’t come until 2000 and it very well might be quarrelsome to classify it exclusively as a Madrid win given it went to Luis Figo, who had spent portion of the year on the opposite side of the competition before his shock move to the capital. Ronaldo Nazario and Fabio Cannavaro were then regarded before Ronaldo and Messi’s takeover. Luka Modric’s 2018 triumph, which saw him beat Ronaldo while Messi didn’t actually put in the main three, quickly drew things level.

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