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‘He’s speaking nonsense’: Kapil Dev lambasted for comments on mental health in viral video


India’s legendary captain Kapil Dev explained in a viral video that “stress” and “depression” were “American words”, but fans were furious that they felt the former cricketer was inclined to mock mental health.

Playing cricket at the highest level remains the ultimate dream of all players. Representing the country and wearing the national shirt is a moment of pride for all aspiring cricketers. But it has a price. As the number of cricket viewers increases day by day, the margin of error for cricketers is starting to shrink, increasing the pressure on cricketers, with social media being the platform that players often go to.

And they come amid a constant need to maintain consistency with the competition in the squad and also with the cricket calendar getting tougher by the day. As a result, players often complain about the pressure of playing cricket at the highest level. India’s legendary captain Kapil Dev made the remarks on the same occasion on Sunday, but fans were outraged that they felt the former cricketer was more inclined to poke fun at mental health.


At the Champions Chat event, Kapil Dev admitted that he never understood words like “stress” and “depression”, deriding them as “American words” and saying that when players feel the pressure of playing IPL, they better give way . He went on to add that even 10th and 12th graders felt the “pressure” today, admitting again that he never came across any logic.

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“I often hear on TV that players are under a lot of pressure to play in the IPL. Then I’ll just say one thing, don’t mess around. If the player has passion, there will be no pressure. I don’t understand American terms like depression. I’m a pawn and we play because we enjoy the game and there shouldn’t be any tension when we enjoy the game,” Kapil said.


“I remember going to school where 10th and 12th graders told him they were under a lot of pressure. I said: “This is how you deal with pressure too!”. You sit in an air-conditioned room, parents pay, teachers can’t beat you, so where does this pressure come from? Ask what the voltage is. The teachers beat us and then asked where we were going. Students have to make it fun and enjoyable, excitement is a very wrong word,” he added.

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