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The Real Winners and Losers From WWE Crown Jewel 2022 Match Card

WWE has plans for Crown Jewel 2022. It will be a pay-per-view night. Everyone came to work looking very good.It started with Bobby Lashley dominating Brock Lesnar in their second game together, though The Beast Incarnate would outsmart him for the pin.

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Crown Jewel 2022

Braun Strowman and Omos showcase their abilities as two of WWE’s most exciting giants. The Monster Among Men beat The Nigerian Giant after an impressive power slam.Bianca Bellaire and Bayley competed that night, pushing each other to be creative with every weapon available. But WWE’s EST was able to stick with The Role Model.

Logan Paul had his best WWE performance to date with Roman Reigns. He didn’t quite do the job against the Chieftain, but it was an unforgettable spectacle.The wrestling is great, but the women’s tag team division is changing anyway. Damage CTRL regained the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship after Nikki Cross intervened to the detriment of Alexa Bliss and Asuka.

It was a big night for WWE, their best night ever in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Most profited as big winners, but there were also big losers.
While Brock Lesnar took the win in his match with Bobby Lashley, The All Mighty looked dominant. He defeated The Beast Incarnate in a way we haven’t seen in a long time and is the only person remaining sane.It is clear that Lesnar vs. Lashley isn’t over yet. Each had won victories over the other, but neither had been able to achieve the desired victory.

If anything, The All Mighty continues to look the more dominant of the two men, and a third match will inevitably force WWE to declare one man the true winner.Today, WWE has given Lashley more than anyone other than Roman Reigns and Goldberg against The Beast Incarnate in the last decade.The future looks bright for The All Mighty, who looks increasingly like a star. Whether he ended up being heels or faces, he was one of WWE’s top stars.

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The Women’s Tag Team Championship debuted on February 17, 2019. Since then there have been 17 reigns, none to reach 200 days and no team to hold gold more than twice.It was a hot potato game and the new WWE creative didn’t change that. In fact, the final move gave Alexa Bliss and Asuka the shortest time as champions in rookie history.Since WWE returned the title tag, the last three reigns have been the shortest in gold history.

The Crown Jewels tag team match could have been booked the same way without Asuka and Bliss picking up the gold on Monday. Instead, Damage CTRL’s title power was tarnished, and The Empress of Tomorrow and The Goddess set new dubious records as champions in less than a week.

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Sasha Banks and Naomi were stripped of the tag team titles for trying to add prestige to them. Since then, WWE has shown no interest in digging for gold.Braun Strowman is officially back. After a few months of building, Monster Beast had a very good first game and put Omos in the best form of his career so far.The two big guys had great chemistry and made the most intense match of the night without a single moment of slowness. It may not have the big highlights and thrilling moments of other races, but both are maximizing their minutes in power-on-power battles.

In the end, Strowman showed why he remains so important to WWE. While the Nigerian giant may be bigger, the monster of all monsters is the better behemoth overall.At the same time, he definitely helps Omos show more personality. He spoke gibberish throughout the game and felt more like the top player at the crown jewel than ever before.The Nigerian giants may have lost, but they also got some of it. Strowman vs. Omos still has a leg up if WWE wants to pursue him any further.

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This year’s Crown Jewel was arguably the best show WWE has put on in Saudi Arabia, and no two wrestlers have contributed more to the show than Bianca Bellaire and Bayley.In one of the most creative Last Woman (or Men) Standing matches, The Role Model uses steel ladders, ladders, tackle boxes and golf carts to gain an edge over The EST.It was a two-way physical battle, the best between Bayley and Belair since The Role Model returned from injury at SummerSlam.It could happen. Many expected this to be the moment Bayley won the Raw Women’s Championship. Instead, The EST remained the dominant champions and played at a higher level than almost everyone else.The two women have only earned a place in one of the best WWE matches of the year.


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